Advice in other areas of concrete.

With the experience of its leader in the field of concrete, the company BSC now perfectly masters the production techniques in the Concrete Industry.

For over 5 years, BSC has also specialized in the field of UHPC and BFUHP for the reduction of cycle times by adapting the mixing sequences and the production equipment required for this type of concrete.

The company BSC also intervenes thanks to these competences in domains leaving the traditional field of the precast concrete.

Among other things, it is used in nuclear cementing for the design of specific equipment adapted to the constraints of this industry and to the realization of mixing cycles.

It is also used for dry production units such as dry bagged mortars, wet pastes, etc.

To date, the company BETON STONE CONSULTING has been able to create and realize on behalf of various industrialists products in traditional concrete, special concrete, light concrete, imitations of wood, reconstituted stones, old pavements, etc. that we find on the current market.

It has also made different production systems adapt to the needs and wishes of industrialists.

BETON STONE CONSULTING is always looking for novelties in view of an evolution of concrete production techniques.

BSC can advise you and assist you in the following areas:

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Waste reduction
  • Reuse of residual washing equipment production equipment
  • Reusing fresh concrete residuals
  • Reduced hardware maintenance costs
  • Application of the release agents
  • Optimization of recipes and production systems
  • Etc.
Advice in other areas of concrete.
Advice in other areas of concrete. Advice in other areas of concrete.

Our Services

BETON STONE CONSULTING is therefore able to offer you the following services:

  • Analysis of your production systems
  • Recommendation for the improvement of your manufacturing process
  • Analysis and verification of existing formulations
  • Recommendation for the improvement of your products
  • Realization of new formulations in traditional concrete
  • Realization of special concretes (BFUP - light concrete - resin concrete - wood concrete - etc.)
  • Realization of new shades (united - two-colored - nuanced)
  • Study and development of molds (Metallic-Polyurethane-Silicone-ABS)
  • Help in the creation of new products
  • Advice for the realization of mother matrices and molds
  • Assistance and study of new production lines for automated or manual molding.
  • Start-up support for production lines
  • Assistance to the creation of production units abroad
  • Analysis and advice for packaging
  • Tips for product traceability
  • Expertise of disputes

BETON STONE CONSULTING can also offer you the services of its laboratory to:

  • Particle size analyzes
  • Determination of particle size zones and periodic monitoring
  • Concrete control
  • Periodic inspection of finished products
  • Control of withdrawals
  • The design of new formulations
  • The design of the hues
  • The design of prototypes
  • Search for materials
Our Services
Our Services Our Services Our Services


BETON STONE CONSULTING helps you transform natural stone into reconstituted stone with its original shapes and aspects. Thanks to its know-how in the field of the molding in flexible or semi-flexible molds using the WETCAST system, it can advise you for the design and the implementation of new production lines, the creation of new products, molds, production systems etc.

Sylvain ADAM, a consultant in the concrete industry, started the production of WETCAST type flexible elements in 1980 and has remained in this field ever since. With this experience, he has mastered the design of products from the impression taking to the industrial manufacturing process.
He gained this experience for many years during which he held various positions as Director of Research and Development, Production Manager and Industrial Director in the field of WETCAST.