The Company

This web site is intended to present the services and ideas of KNIELE in the fields of the construction of complete plants and mixing technologies.

With more than 25 years of existence, this company has of course the necessary experience, but above all, it cultivates a spirit of innovation that has never failed and that allows them to develop technological products of the future. .

With each project, they seek above all to design tailor-made solutions, in accordance with the customer's requests, in order to propose convincing solutions both in terms of productivity gains and quality and profitability.

Very flexible, KNIELE adapts to each branch of activity thanks to the personal commitment of each one and to solid knowledge, staying at your side of the design until the commissioning of your new plant.

The Company

The companies KNIELE and  BSC advise you in the choice of equipment adapted to your needs.

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Whatever your project, complete creation of a new plant, modernization or expansion of existing equipment, KNIELE is in all circumstances the partner you need.

A complete range of services

Extremely competent and involved in its work, this team offers you complete services to realize your wishes taking into account your operating constraints. The constant growth of KNIELE Mischtechnik is based largely on the excellent performance of its engineers. They allow them to always stay one step ahead in markets in constant technological change. As a leading global player in the field of mixing technology, they are developing solutions for the future with sustainable efficiency.

In parallel with this expansion, the machine park has been regularly updated and is today at the forefront of modernity. Patented in 2000 and equipped with a new technology, the conical mixer represents a major turning point in the history of the company.

For each activity its mixing

When building each plant, KNIELE adapts to the requirements of the activity. Their large client base includes sectors as diverse as concrete, food and pharmaceutical industries, waste incineration plants and nuclear waste treatment. The KNIELE control panels and their systems correspond perfectly to all applicable parameters and standards.

Turnkey mixing plants for:

  • Prefabricated plants
  • Concrete block plants
  • Ultra-High Performance Concretes BUHP
  • Ready-mix concrete plants
  • Dry and wet mortar plants

Construction of special mixing plants:

  • Special waste treatment (dust, slurry, etc.)
  • soil processing (recycling)
  • dry mixing processes (chemistry, food, etc.)
  • Bricks and ceramics industry
  • Glass industry
  • Mixed gravel processing
  • farming
  • Styrofoam concrete
  • plaster and clay
  • epoxy resin glue
  • floor screeds


From consulting to design, including construction and execution, KNIELE Mischtechnik offers the right installation for every need:

In the program :

  • tower batching plants
  • step plants
  • star/scraper plants
  • row type plants
  • pocket silo plants
  • mobile mixing plants
  • special mixing plants



Between 100 m3 and 1 000 m3 of material can be stored in the distinctive tower plant aggregate silo with a diameter from 5.75 to 10.5 m. Loading can be effected at 16° by conveyor belts (even), by steep-incline conveyor belts (napped) at 30°, by bucket-type elevator or by S-conveyor.
The design allows for loading without additional staff.
Processing of the aggregates is possible even at extremely low temperatures if the silos are equipped with an insulated cladding and an integrated heating.
The installation of several mixers ensures a very high effectiveness of the plant.
An independent shipping of transit-mixed and ready-mixed concrete for a construction site as well as an independent production of transit-ready concrete and mortar or flowing screed (if an anhydrite mixer is integrated into the plant) is possible.


Due to its low design height this low tower type is used wherever officially predefined height limitations must be observed.


e.g. for block plants, because many different aggregates are needed.

Loading by double belt or single belt conveyor, or special lift e.g. for double broken and double screened chips, to enable a sorted loading.
Feed hopper over ground for rear dump trucks or underground with cover grating.


KNIELE mixing plants in mobile and partly mobile design are the solutions for concrete production at any time and any place.

Even if designed the same way, stationary and semi-mobile plants differ because of the specific techniques of connecting the parts of the plant, which enable an easy assembly and disassembly of the semi-mobile plants. This is also true for the electronics, water supply and pneumatics. With semi-mobile plants, the transport dimensions for problem-free road transport are of course observed.

Entirely mobile plants can be mounted onto railway wagons an can thus be transported to their destination every day.

We develop the right solution for each and every individual case. Expertise and the co-operation with the customer are what is needed here.


The KKM conical mixing machine with tight closure makes it possible to produce very fluid concretes and suspensions, which is not possible with a screw cap (especially used for the production of ultra-high performance concretes, mortars for wedging and sealing for waste , etc.).


The mixers


KNIELE revisits mixing

The KNIELE taper mixer, which was patented in 2000, is based on a revolutionary kneading principle. Two counter-rotating agitators make it possible to quickly generate a homogeneous mass in a conically shaped mixing space. The first agitator consists of a conical worm, with propellers or blades arranged helically. The second agitator comprises a mixing arm associated with a scraper, which rubs against the wall of the mixing tank. The central helical agitator conveys the product to be kneaded in a vertical position and applies a rotation to it. The agitator arm, offset from the central axis, operates in the opposite direction of this rotational movement. The two contrary and transversal kneading streams thus produced make the entire contents of the kneader powerfully swirl, resulting in fast and efficient kneading of the components.

The cone mixer and its properties

  • Optimal mixing effect thanks to the new mixing principle !
  • Reliable break-up of cement agglomerates !
  • Bar-free addition of colors !
  • No loss of quality when mixing small quantities !
  • Entire discharge within the shortest time !
  • Conical, space-saving design !
  • Low pollution level-easy and quick manual or automatic cleaning !
  • Absolutely low noise !
  • Start with fully loaded mixer is possible !
  • Versatile application ! Mixing of concrete of any texture, steel fibre concrete, SCC and UHPC, air-entrained concrete, polystyrene concrete, mortal, any dry bulk products, sludge, dusts, etc.

High efficiency through

With the independent speed control of the two agitators, especially the inner agitator, liquid and earth-moist concrete can be produced by the cone mixer. It is ideally suited for special concrete such as UHPC and SCC, fibre concrete, lightweight concrete, heavy concrete, etc. The indefinitely variable control allows for precise adjustment for the respective mixing product. These optimizations significantly reduce the mixing time of such special concrete.

Dry materials from dry mortar to food are also no problem for the cone mixer. Many educational establishments, material test centers and research institutes use this mixer as a laboratory mixer for the development of new special concrete.

  • Short mixing and discharge cycles
  • Short cleaning times
  • Cement and pigment saving
  • Reduction of waste
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Reduced wear and tear surfaces

In order to produce UHPC, the mixer can be equipped with a special agitator tool and a special drive with a speed of up to 1 000 rpm. As a result, the mixing time can be reduced to as low approx.. 2 minutes.

Another patent pending :

System for rinsing the mixer within a few seconds !

The mixers
The mixers The mixers The mixers


KNIELE Anhydrite plants

KNIELE Anhydrite plants are specially designed for the production of fluid screeds mixed at the factory.


  • Sand feed hopper, direct deposit in the mixer truck, with conveyor scale
  • Anhydrite silo with matching equipment and tubular worm
  • Anhydrite mixer available in different sizes, weighing device and cleaning system
  • Additive weighing of water and anhydrite in the mixer
  • Support structure, siding included
  • Ordering system with printer for delivery notes and log files


  • Second silo for cement
  • Recycling plant for the treatment of cleaning water, direct drain of the mixer


  • Proportioning device for polypropylene fibers
  • Determination of the adjuvant


The KNIEL KKM-RT 15/22.5 combines a laboratory intensive mixer with a rheometer that provides the rheological properties of the mixture in either relative or absolute units. A mixer probe for moisture analysis and a dosing unit for addition of mix development.
Samples of various concrete types, or any quality and quantity, can be produced with this mixer to carry out classic fresh concrete tests such as slump spread, slump flow measure, VdZ (German Cement Plant Association) funnel, LCPC box, etc.

Material discharge and mixer cleaning

Almost all of the mixture drops into a previously positioned container beyond the mixer under the influence of gravity.
Following the discharge of the mixture, the flap is closed, the drum is filled with water and the mixing tools are run at high speed. Deposits on the mixing tools come off and are carried out with the water when the closure flap is reopened.

Mixing tools

To increase mixing intensity, minor improvements were made to the conical mixer’s mixing tools. The disagglomeration of fine materials and the separation of fine fibers will be significantly improved and accelerated with the arrangement of short pins on the outer edges of the mixing paddles.

Drives and function as a rheometer
(relative measured values)

  • Synchronous torque drive for low speed/torque control
  • Oscillating measurements with quick changes of the sense of rotation.

Function as a rheometer for the determination of measurement values in absolute units

Speed controlled mode
Torque controlled mode
Oscillating measurements with sinus shaped change in rotation direction

Function as a tribometer

To determinate the pumpability of a concrete

Mixer probe

To check and control the average water/binder ration, even when using materials with variable inherent moisture.

Camera to observe the mixing procedure



KNIELE forced-action laboratory mixers are supplied as a KKM-L conical mixer and offer a very intensive and uniform mixing result. Thanks to their conical shape, they also make it possible to mix very small quantities by obtaining an excellent quality. Similarly, their geometric shape ensures easy emptying, extremely fast and without residues. The filling of the tank is easily done from the top.

With the conical mixer, quality concretes of all types (for example self-compacting concretes or light concretes) can be produced very quickly, with a high mixing quality. It is suitable not only for the mixing of concrete, but also for all other areas of application of dry mix, such as the production of light plasters, dry mortars, polymer concrete, animal feeds, mixtures dry chemicals, liquid or non-flammable adhesives, etc.

On request, the mixers can also be supplied in stainless steel.
KNIELE laboratory mixers comply with CE standards and their construction complies with the most recent EU directives in the field of machinery.
The proven standard motors from the SEW manufacturer guarantee a long service life.

Technical characteristics

KKM-L 30 .................30 liters of concrete products
KKM-L 100 .............100 liters of concrete products
KKM-L 250 .............250 liters of concrete products
KKM-L 375 .............375 liters of concrete products
KKM-L 500 .............500 liters of concrete products


KNIELE Accessories

KNIELE's skills do not stop with mixing technologies, they are also at your disposal to provide you with all the complementary components you need.
You benefit from products of a quality proven and perfectly compatible, since available from one and the same partner.

  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Fiber dosage
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Dump conveyor - Concrete distributor
  • BUHP / BAP trolley
  • Orders
  • Cameras for mixers
  • Balances: cement, water, admixture, granulate, color, etc.
  • Cleaning the mixer
  • Granulator
  • Hoppers for emptying and cleaning
  • Security barriers
  • Daily Silo / Big Bag / bag feeding
  • Recycling
  • Elevator
  • Fiber dosing device
  • Pneumatic supply
  • etc.


  • Treatment of concrete residues and cleaning water
  • Possibility of integration of a filter press
  • Cleaning water purification in AQUARE_X
  • CO2 neutralization

 Concrete conveyors / Distributors

  • Dump conveyors
  • Flexible concrete distributor
  • Automatic horizontal transport
  • Crane distribution bucket
  • 1000 to 4500 liters, dosing via a rotary valve with tipped cylinder and flap closure
  • Tilting skip 3,000 liters maximum, single or intermediate track, curved or inclined
  • Segment trailer 4,500 liters maximum, single or intermediate track, inclined or curved path
  • Tandem trolley
  • Separated tanks and lids to preserve purity, eg. facing concrete / central concrete
  • Vertical stations with fixed or alternating skips


  • Pneumatically actuated dosing valves, fine or coarse dosing
  • Dosing strips for volumetric dosing of light aggregates
  • Vibration dosing troughs (vibrating magnetic trough or vibrating trough with frequency converter)
  • Weighing and recovery tapes, mobile scales included
  • Vibration motors
  • Drainage devices to recover water dripping from the metering valve, discarded via a circular collection line in a gutter


  • Complete control and power components for concrete plants and ready-mixed concrete plants, according to ZTVK guidelines
  • Complete accessories (display, emergency stop switches, voltage stabilizer circuit, modems, purchase order and log file printers, control container, external concrete control, remote maintenance, etc.)
  • Moisture measuring equipment
  • Water dosing computer with microwave sensors, sand moisture measurement, consistency measurement
KNIELE Accessories