Since 1975, Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH has been in charge of the development and manufacture, as well as the sale of ULV (ultra-low volume) spray systems for a wide range of uses.

At the heart of these ULV spray systems are various patented atomizers. These atomizers, whether horizontal rotation discs or segment rotation atomizers with vertical rotation discs, allow efficient and reducing dispensing of the product used of different viscosities.
The undiluted liquids are thus sprayed without pressure and in the form of uniform droplets.

Over the years, Mantis has developed its know-how and now offers a wide range of spray systems optimized for many professional applications.
In addition to the systems used in the various agro-food sectors, several MANTIS-ULV spraying systems for industrial applications are also available, for ex. for the application of antiadhesive agents in the concrete or food industry.

Through a global sales network, which includes independent sales partners, sprayers are available in most countries around the world. Beyond the range of sprayers, MANTIS ULV partners can also advise you and help you with the after-sales service and spare parts you may need to maintain your sprayers optimally. You will find MANTIS ULV also present at the many fairs and international exhibitions, where you will be able to know more about their products and find the solution of spray best adapted to your needs.

Mantis is constantly working to optimize and continue to develop different spray systems. In parallel, the company is also looking for new application possibilities for different ULV rotary nozzles and rotary segment nozzles. The company is constantly striving to manufacture better quality sprayers that meet the changing needs and requirements of their customers.

Mantis ULV

The companies MANTIS and  BSC advise you in the choice of equipment adapted to your needs.

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  • Operation

  • Possible uses

  • Possible montages

  • Industrial application

  • Spray system with peristaltic pump and control unit

  • Spray system with 6-piston pump, without own control unit

  • BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use


To facilitate the demolding of prefabricated elements and ensure a smooth surface, it is necessary that the formwork oil is distributed evenly over the surface of the molds. You need neither too much nor too little. In order to obtain a homogeneous distribution while consuming only a minimum of antiblocking agents, the formwork oil must be sprayed into a multitude of droplets of uniform size.

The Mantis BL industrial nozzle generates nearly 30 million droplets from one milliliter of liquid. The rotary nozzle operates without pressure, the spraying takes place by centrifugal force thanks to a nozzle disc specially designed for this purpose. The droplets are therefore deposited uniformly on the surface of the molds thanks.


Possible uses

In principle, all liquids can be spread with BL industrial nozzles and BEMA handheld devices. For the production of prefabricated concrete elements, the concrete industry mainly uses mold release agents such as Betopro® (Ecoratio BV), Pieri®Decobio S (Pieri GmbH) and Rheofinish® (BASF Construction Polymers GmbH), which can to be sprayed without problems by means of these nozzles. There are two main areas of use:

  • Large scale application, eg. over large areas during the manufacture of prefabricated concrete elements, especially for ceilings and walls.
  • Flat molds for prefabricated concrete elements manufactured with the Wet Cast process and for which an optimal quality of the visible side surface is essential.

Thanks to its modular design, the MANTIS ULV® technology can be integrated into almost all production lines.

Possible montages

BL type industrial nozzles can be integrated into existing installations in several ways:

  • Attachment above a transport device, through which pass the molds placed under the nozzle
  • Fixing to a gantry swinging the nozzle over the molds.
  • Fixation on a mobile structure that is passed over the molds to be moistened

To dose and send the formwork oil into the nozzle, the use of pumps operating at a maximum pressure of 1 bar is necessary. Otherwise the metering can be done by flowmeter / metering valve, if the container with formwork oil is placed above the nozzle and the form release agent can be transported by the force of gravity. Mantis offers a complete pumping unit, specially designed for industrial nozzles, ensuring their perfect functioning.
An electronic control system for BL type industrial nozzles and the pump unit is also available. Alternatively, the nozzles and pumping unit can also be directed from the plant control unit if the manufacturer offers the corresponding software and interface.

Possible montages

Industrial application

There are many areas of use for the Mantis ULV technique. In industry, often the different liquid agents must be distributed and sprayed in an economical and homogeneous manner, for example antiadhesive agents, flavorings and / or disinfectants.

In particular, antiblocking agents or demoulding agents are used in different sectors, e.g. in the production of prefabricated concrete elements, bakery products or plastic products. With savings of up to 75%, the advantages of the MANTIS ULV® technology are particularly evident, not only because this technique minimizes the use of anti-adhesive agents, but also because it ensures better quality of finished products.

ULV stands for Ultra Low Volume, that is ultra-low spreading volume. Combined with the Mantis rotating nozzles, the ULV dosing system achieves an ideal droplet spectrum of approximately 35-45μ, ensuring perfect distribution and optimum wetting of the surface.

Spray system with peristaltic pump and control unit

Suitable when the spray system is to be controlled and controlled independently. A control unit can control up to four pumps or nozzles. Independent MANTIS-ULV spraying systems with 1 to 4 nozzles are available.

Advantages :

  • The pump set can be completed with a second pump or nozzle.
  • Control unit allows nozzle control
  • The current flow rate and the volume already applied can be viewed on the screen
Spray system with peristaltic pump and control unit

Spray system with 6-piston pump, without own control unit

Primarily suitable for integration into an existing centrally controlled installation. A pump is mounted for each nozzle.

Advantages :

  • The spray system can be activated and deactivated via an SPS command.
  • The flow rate can be set individually for each nozzle with the corresponding 6-piston pump.
  • The number of nozzles can be chosen freely.

The content of the delivery is according to the particular wishes of the customer. Both systems require a power supply, as well as the desired amount of rotating nozzles. As a general rule, it is strongly recommended to use the Mantis pumping unit with nozzles; it is indeed perfectly adapted to their needs. If necessary, it is also possible for the customer to integrate the nozzle and pump control with the control unit of his existing installation.

Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you a spraying system specially adapted to your requirements!

Spray system with 6-piston pump, without own control unit

BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use

As an alternative to BL-type industrial nozzles with pumping and control unit, Mantis also offers portable sprayers that are ideally suited for flexible use on small surfaces as well as for rapid change of location.

On the new BEMA models, since 2014, the nozzle can be rotated laterally. Thus, the edges of the molds and vertical walls can be easily sprayed without the entire apparatus being rotated.

The current state of charge of the battery and the function of the nozzle are monitored electronically. An LED (LED) indicates whether the unit is operating properly, whether the battery needs to be charged, or whether the nozzle is malfunctioning. Forearm support is built into all devices.

With the BEMA-1000K and the BEMA-P 1000K, two short models are available to easily spray the molds found on the tables, for example.

The BEMA-P 10.000 model has essential advantages:

It has a 10-liter tank worn as a backpack. Thus, it should be filled only rarely even when dealing with large areas or frequent use. The dosage of the anti-blocking agent is provided by a pump integrated into the apparatus. The nozzle can thus be held higher than the anti-adhesive agent tank, the spraying of the edges of the molds or other vertical surfaces is thus possible without restriction.

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BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use
BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use BEMA handheld sprayers for mobile use