Leader in textile reinforcement

Textured reinforced concrete: a technology of the future. Reinforcements made of carbon fibers or AR-Glas glass are not subject to corrosion. They allow flexible shaping, are more resistant to traction and much lighter than steel.

The concept of lightweight construction thus enters the world of concrete, with solidian figurehead.

Solidian has a full range of products, a unique internal manufacturing rate and a comprehensive approach to technical consulting and services. All these assets are worth the company a place of leadership in terms of innovation, technology and know-how in this still young market. Solidian products are a guarantee of economical and safe construction. With a growing number of users, particularly in the fields of architecture, construction or renovation with prefabricated concrete elements, solidian products are increasingly convincing.
The solidian team of experts provides advice and support in order to answer all questions related to reinforced concrete and to present all the existing possibilities; the company also assists users in the practical integration of its products.

Leader in textile reinforcement

The companies SOLIDIAN and  BSC advise you in the choice of equipment adapted to your needs.

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  • Leader in textile reinforcement

  • The best choice, certainly

  • Services for successful implementation

  • Creation of original forms

  • More than an attractive envelope

  • A new lightness

  • Sustainability in the line of sight

  • Investments that matter

  • Outer insulation: beyond the norm

The best choice, certainly

Solidian is the only manufacturer able to supply all the combinations of materials currently used for textile reinforcement and thus guarantees the optimal solution for each application. Their range of products includes both lattice frames and bar frames and a full range of suitable accessories.

From a technological point of view, solidian brings together all the necessary know-how (optimal quality of the fiber materials, adequate impregnation and machining adapted to the application) to best meet all the requirements of the customer or the desired use, in terms of shape, maneuverability and strength. All fiberglass and carbon reinforcements are the result of their own development and production efforts and are fully tested in their specialized laboratory. Solidian flat armatures are available in any desired size, in the form of rolls or slabs up to 1.2 mx 5 m. Of course, the reinforcements may also be provided preformed, regardless of the desired geometric shape or free shape. This flexibility offers architects and designers as many innovative opportunities.

The best choice, certainly
The best choice, certainly

Services for successful implementation

Solidian accompanies its customers from their very first idea or request, to the finished room or the finished building. For safety, their technical office ensures that they provide practical and administrative assistance at each phase of the project.

For them, architectural quality is the number one priority, so their application consulting services start with feasibility studies that select the best combinations of materials, both from a technical and a financial point of view. On this basis, they produce verifiable static calculations using state-of-the-art software. The textile concrete components are designed with the long practical and theoretical experience of their concrete experts. Their laboratory dedicated to the concrete makes it possible to carry out tests to obtain the desired properties (resistance to the compression or the bending for example). For this, he has the necessary equipment to develop appropriate concrete recipes, specially designed for the component.

With regard to the exact details of its textile concrete components, their technical office keeps the entire process under control (from the idea to the finished element) and assists with all questions related to non-metallic reinforcement .

Creation of original forms

The textile reinforcement offers an unprecedented freedom of design in concrete work. In the field of architecture, a large number of concepts that until now have been in the state of ideas are now possible.

Because they are not prone to corrosion, the reinforcements require a much smaller concrete cover and thus allow lighter and thinner concrete components to be manufactured without loss of strength. These properties leave the field free for many applications in the fields of innovative architecture and facade construction, but also for the design of public spaces, landscaping and landscaping or for the design of furniture. Solidian reinforcement can be preformed as 2D or 3D mesh depending on the request. An impregnation operation then makes it possible to harden the material and thus create new concrete forms.

Creation of original forms

More than an attractive envelope

The advantages of textile-reinforced concrete are particularly important for the production of prefabricated elements and the construction of facades: the net decrease in the thickness and weight of the parts makes it possible to obtain numerous effects increasing the profitability of the construction.

Of course, less concrete means lower material costs at the production stage, but the side effects go much further. Transport is also much lighter, the handling of lighter components becomes easier and in the end, the occupancy area on the floors of buildings also decreases thanks to the reduction of thickness of the facade or wall elements. The use of textile reinforcement is interesting in the long term too. Maintenance and renovation costs no longer apply, since reinforced textile concrete is not subject to corrosion. The facades are beautiful for a long time, throughout the expected life and have no functional problems.

More than an attractive envelope

A new lightness

With reinforced textile concrete, architects can now take new paths. Solidian accompanies the project managers, the builders and the concrete builders from the initial idea stage to the realization, by showing them all the possible possibilities. Concrete and creativity had never done so well.

The heavy and thick layers of concrete belong to the past: with a textile reinforcement, a few millimeters are enough to allow the concrete to withstand stresses of more than 3 000 N / mm² and thus obtain a solid work. Solidian reinforcements are made using a new kind of technological process that allows the reinforcement to be personalized. From start to finish, their experts provide support through technical advice sessions and hands-on experience.

A new lightness

Sustainability in the line of sight

Textile reinforced concrete is a paid technology. The use of non-corrosive reinforcement eliminates heavy maintenance and repair work. As a result, textile reinforced concrete buildings are particularly durable and environmentally friendly, as solidian reinforcements are recyclable or reusable, depending on the case.

With solidian, break-ups and other unsightly degradations of concrete related to corrosion will soon be a thing of the past. By eliminating the subsequent costs, solidian provides a real solution in areas where materials are particularly stressed (bridge construction or maritime use for example, with significant wear related to salt). Especially for pedestrians or cyclists, it is also possible to abandon the installation of an expensive sealing layer, which requires major maintenance work. In spite of their light weight, glass and carbon armatures offer 5 to 6 times greater tensile strength than conventional reinforced concrete (steel)

Sustainability in the line of sight
Sustainability in the line of sight

Investments that matter

To ensure a long service life of the building, re-equipment in textile reinforcement to repair or refurbish steel-reinforced concrete constructions is a profitable operation.

With their extended service life, solidian products can retrofit or exchange reinforced concrete for solutions that do not suffer from corrosion. As such, they constitute a particularly interesting solution. Thanks to the lower weight and easier handling of the components, the repair work requires much less staff and equipment for a durable and safe solution. These advantages are particularly interesting for transport infrastructure: the high demands of certain constructions (bridges and tunnels, for example) as well as subsequent costs make solidian products a particularly attractive solution for building owners. The durability of the reinforcement layer of the textile concrete, but also the possibility of avoiding additional protection systems (surface protection for example) allow considerable savings on costs.

Outer insulation: beyond the norm

Plaster and solidian accessories are high-tech products that can be integrated both indoors and outdoors.

Solidian offers a wide range of products, such as rolled or slab materials, corner angles in fabric or profiles and studs. By manufacturing their own products they offer the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each customer. They also offer exterior insulation solutions based on reinforced glass textile to fight against mechanical stresses and shocks and they have a wide range of products in fiberglass, resistant to alkalis.

Outer insulation: beyond the norm