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Production and consulting equipment sales company For New Technologies Concrete Industry


With our experience in the concrete industry, our company specializes in the sale of production equipment for new technologies in the concrete industry.
This competence results from our consulting and support activities in the implementation of system and process for the optimization of your productions, the reduction of production costs, the reduction of washing waste, the reuse of washing residuals in production, material protection, etc.

For more than 5 years, we have specialized in the field of UHPC and BFUHP and more particularly in the field of production equipment required for this type of concrete.
We are also very skilled in the techniques of heavy prefabrication or pressed concrete.

In recent years, the Concrete Industry has evolved both in the production of finished products and in the technology of assembly of minerals and their implementation by industrial means thus giving their letters of nobility to 'BETON' products.

Today, new technologies make it possible to obtain products based on '' BETON '', integrating into the exterior architecture but also into the interior of buildings as contemporary decorative objects.
The company BETON STONE CONSULTING has been able to create and realize for the account of various industrialists traditional concrete products, special concretes, light concretes, imitations of wood, reconstituted stones, old pavements, which one finds on the current market. It has also made different production systems adapt to the needs and wishes of industrialists.

We also have the opportunity to offer you the services of our laboratory for granulometric analyzes, the determination of particle size and periodic monitoring, control of concrete, withdrawals or the design of new formulations.

In the realization of these new technologies of the Concrete Industry, it is important to have the adequate tools for their implementation which mainly concerns the following parameters:

  • Mixing techniques
  • Mastering the addition of the chemistry of admixtures and treatment products for concrete
  • The contribution of mineral elements of the order of Microns or Nanos
  • The incorporation of fibers
  • Oiling systems
  • Non-metallic textile frames (fiberglass, Carbonne)
  • The robotization of workstations

Through its reputation and knowledge in various fields, BSC is asked by the nuclear industry to assist and advise them in nuclear cementation.

BSC has been working with these manufacturers for several years to design specific equipment to meet their specifications and assist them in the implementation of mixing cycles. Similarly, the mastery of equipment washing techniques, allows us to set up systems that generate very little residual and washing water.

Dry mixing :

BSC is also a partner for industrialists wishing to set up dry or wet bagging lines. We can advise you on complete installations ranging from material preparation to palletizing.
To date, we have participated and realized several factories in this field and in particular in Saudi Arabia.

The use of these new kneading and dosing technologies, which combine precision, strength and speed of execution, makes it possible to obtain high mechanical strengths and perfect aesthetics of the finished products.

The company BETON STONE CONSULTING has therefore selected partners who are able to meet the new requirements of the Concrete Industry and to propose solutions appropriate to your needs.

We invite you to consult all our partners on this website.

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