The objective of WERNE & THIEL is research, new product development and improvement of existing products, as well as the development of different sensors. The main products include in-line moisture measurement systems based on the development of the HPR method. These measurement systems are used especially for bulk solids worldwide.

In its test report No. B81 / 1666-03 (dated 15.12.2003), the BAUHAUS UNIVERSITY WEIMAR (MFPA Weimar) Institute for Materials Research and Testing confirms a nearly linear probe measurement signal relative to the moisture content of the sand.

One of the company's latest innovative products is the patented turbidity / solids analyzer OLAS (Absorbent Light Sensor).


The companies WERNE & THIEL and  BSC advise you in the choice of equipment adapted to your needs.

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  • The Company WERNE&THIEL

  • Online measurement tool for the density of residual water in concrete

  • OLAS - Optical Light Absorption Sensor

  • Block measurement diagram

  • "Pipe measure" block diagram

  • OLAS systems in situation

Online measurement tool for the density of residual water in concrete

All products meet the CE standard, which is currently required worldwide and not only in Europe. Their own development team as well as mechanical and electrical manufacturing are grouped together under one roof, enabling WERNE & THIEL to meet the specific requirements of the customer quickly and flexibly.
This has allowed the company to assert itself on the market thanks to an optimal quality-price ratio.

Since 1997 the production complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2000 standard. Annual audits verify and improve this production.

The measurement systems of Werne & Thiel Sensortechnic are used by thousands worldwide and are represented in many countries by independent representations. This provides the customer with fast and simple contacts.

Their satisfied customers include:
Dorner Electronic; ELBA-WERK Maschinen-Gesellschaft GmbH; KABAG Wiggert & Co.; Eirich; Cemex/ Readymix; Holcim; etc.

OLAS - Optical Light Absorption Sensor

  • Optical system based on infrared light absorption
  • Precision measuring method with high linearity according to DIN / EN 27027 (ISO 7027)
  • Optimized for high absorption substances, such as concrete sludge


Principle of measurement

  • Optical Light Absorption Sensor (OLAS) sensor passes through the medium to be analyzed using 875 nm infrared light
  • The absorption of light by the medium makes it possible to determine the composition of the latter.
  • Detected and processed light intensity variations are in the range of 1 to 10,000,000.
  • The assessment is based on 0 to 700 absorption points (logarithmically)


  • Optimized for tough conditions in the concrete industry
  • High-precision measurement method with 4-digit display of the density of concrete sludge
  • Little maintenance and easy maintenance
  • Optical measurement system (diffused infrared light) resistant to scratches and dirt


OLAS - Optical Light Absorption Sensor
OLAS - Optical Light Absorption Sensor

Block measurement diagram

Block measurement diagram

"Pipe measure" block diagram

"Pipe measure" block diagram

OLAS systems in situation

Installation of a test facility in a sludge basin, mounting head mounted on the right, empty basin.
The measuring head holder must always be mounted perpendicular to the direction of the current so that water can flow freely between the two measuring heads.

Examples of measurement above the scale.
Left: special measuring head for control during dosing. The scale is under the floor.
Right: measuring head above the scale with open maintenance cover.

Left: Measuring head in closed pipe for measurement above the scale,
Right: Open pipe measuring head for maintenance and control
These images show the ease of control of the measuring head.