WMW Industrieanlagen GmbH is an international company with headquarters in Baienbach near Weingarten. The company was founded in 1994 in Weingarten by the two owners and managers, Heribert Wilhelm and Jürgen Wizemann. The constant evolution of their company made a necessary enlargement in 2004. That's why they decided to build their new building in Baienbach.

In addition to turnkey transport systems, WMW also develops a wide range of system components for surface and above-surface concrete transport as well as for concrete distribution. Their customers from all over Europe appreciate the durability and robustness of products made for demanding use, as well as their excellent price / performance ratio.

  • One and two-rail skip conveyors
  • Trolley with bottom dump or rotary bowl
  • Storage silos, chutes
  • Travel and referrals
  • Trolley for surface transport with platform or tipper systems
  • Concrete dispenser in different variants and with different discharge devices
  • Vertical stations and inclined elevators
  • Special constructions

Their range of products focuses on the internal transport of concrete using dump conveyors and the filling of concrete in formwork using concrete distributors. Their modular system and its various variants make it possible to carry out these tasks with components of similar construction.

The WMW conveyor system, which can be equipped with different types of trolleys, allows a very versatile installation. By placing 2-way or 3-way switches, rail movements, steep ascents, horizontal turns, etc., they can adapt to virtually any rail trajectory depending on the particular features of the building.

WMW Industrieanlagen

The companies WMW and  BSC advise you in the choice of equipment adapted to your needs.

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  • Surface transport conveyors

  • Concrete dispensers

  • Distribution skip for crane

  • Different spill systems

  • Tipper conveyors system


  • Displacement units

  • Vertical Stations

Surface transport conveyors

  • System with change of skips
  • Platform vehicle
  • Fixed structure
  • High payloads
Surface transport conveyors

Concrete dispensers

  • Model with bridges, gates and half-gates
  • Volume up to 4,500 l
  • Adjustable height
  • Swivel bowl
Concrete dispensers

Distribution skip for crane

  • Volume from 1,000 l to 4,500 l
  • Dosage using a cellular wheelhouse
  • Spiked drum
  • Clasp closure
Distribution skip for crane

Different spill systems

  • By worm
  • By a bucket wheel
  • With segment valve control
  • p. ex. via a security remote control
Different spill systems

Tipper conveyors system

Tipper conveyors, an economical logistics solution for the internal transport of bulk materials

As a general rule, dump conveyors are an indispensable aid for the rational transport of bulk materials. The dump conveyor installation is adapted to the specific requirements and designed as a global installation. The customer can then see from the design stage how the bucket conveyor will fit into the overall concept.

The WMW dump conveyors have a structure established according to a simple modular system. This makes it possible to adapt them optimally to the individual needs of their customers.

The training system

It is a compact component that is "suspended" in front of the trolley. Its design depends on the use. The transmission of forces on the running rails is by friction wheel with a Vulkollan cylindrical tire. This provides an extremely short stopping distance and a high starting accuracy.


The trolleys are distinguished by two systems:

  1. Bottom dump Bucket (skip Bucket)
  2. Rotary tipper body (tipper)

The system is chosen according to the concrete application. As a general rule, both trolley systems are available as one or two rail tracks.

The displacement switch

It has an entrance section and up to three exit sections. The switch is moved to the target section before the truck enters. It is not necessary to stop the truck when it is in the switch. The displacement is carried out via one or two pneumatic cylinders. The advantage: a precise end position and a clean and smooth passage on the rail edges.Parallel displacement

It must be implemented in the presence of different requirements:

  1. With filling hopper as alternative to double rail end on single rail tracks
  2. For changing complete trolleys for another tread section
  3. As a transversal run on unloading and filling sites that are not accessible otherwise.

Other modular components

Other modular components may be needed for rational operation of a dump conveyor installation. It may not be necessary to describe them all here, but here are some of them:

  • Mobile storage silos,
  • Stationary storage silos of different designs
  • Tipper lifts
  • Transmission hopper
  • Transmission toboggans
  • Double hopper
  • Double rail end

Rolling dumpTandem trolleysDumps with sectional opening







  • Two and three-way systems
  • Track with one or two rails
  • For the change of direction and section
  • For transversal transport

Displacement units

  • For the change of section
  • For filling hopper
  • As a parking unit / buffer
  • For transversal transport
Displacement units

Vertical Stations

  • With fixed or replaceable bucket
Vertical Stations